Type 1 Gold Dollars

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The California Gold Rush brought changes to the American coinage system. Originally three gold denominations had been authorized comprising the quarter eagle ($2.50), half eagle ($5), and eagle ($10). To deal with the large influx of gold, new denominations were created. These were the gold dollar and the double eagle ($20), expanding the range or denominations at both the upper and lower thresholds.

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Capped Draped Bust to Left Half Eagles

July 5th, 2013 Comments off

The half eagle served a very important place within the early American monetary system. While it was much too large for use within every day commerce, it was used for larger transactions between banks and minted at the request of gold depositors. After the eagle stopped being produced, the half eagle represented the largest gold denomination. Read more…

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Classic Head Cents

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The design for the cent was changed once again in 1808, representing the fifth such type for the denomination. As the most frequently encountered coin within circulation, these constant changes were the result of criticisms of earlier designs or part of the broad redesign across all denominations. Production levels for the latest series were rather low and the design was short lived. Read more…

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Capped Bust Quarters

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Capped Bust Quarters were the second series for the quarter dollar denomination, issued from 1815 to 1838. As opposed to its current status, the twenty-five cent piece was not as essential within commerce during the early 19th century. Most every day purchases could be made in smaller pieces, while banks and other depositors desired the larger pieces of silver or gold coinage. As a result mintages were low and the series can now be difficult to find. Read more…

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Liberty Cap Cents

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For the third time, a new series was introduced for the one cent denomination of the United States. Various criticisms had been leveled at the prior two series, leading to the rapid succession of new designs. The latest effort would ultimately be minted from 1793 to 1796, with the coins struck in reasonable numbers. Read more…

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